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The Living Corpse: Relics (limited print run)

The Living Corpse: Relics (limited print run)

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The Living Corpse: Relics



CONTENT:          Celebrate the return of The Living Corpse! Horror maestros Ken Haeser and Buz Hasson deliver a heavy metal dose of one of the best indie horror comics being published! Once he was a mindless zombie, one of the walking dead feasting on human victims, until the memories of his past human life came flooding back to him in a single moment of horror. Now, 20 years after that fateful night, The Living Corpse discovers that redemption is not easily granted. Now he is the gatekeeper to our world, holding back the forces of darkness that only one of their own can fight. But can he fight his own inner demons as well as his hunger for human brains?

(160 plus page original full color graphic novel)


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